Magali Minet

Your Catalysts For Change 

Transitions Are Social Matters

People are emotional beings willing to act when they truly care. 

By emotionally engaging your audience you tap into the unlimited power of human potential to manifest a sustainable future. On a personal and a business level alike. 

In both my roles as a strategic event designer and a moderator, I translate technical intentions and ideas into emotional engagement to establish solid grounds for collaboration and true impact.

Approaching global challenges by successfully integrating empathy and psychodynamic systems thinking is the true way forward. 

Rare is the moderator who understands topics thoroughly and who is able to transcend common tunnel visions by connecting dots and by interpreting underlying systems. Magali brings true depth to discussions in such a smooth and natural way. Bravo.

–  Serge de Geldhere, CEO Futureproofed  and Belgian Climate Ambassador 

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My Work

Designing one-of-a-kind experiences that cater the needs of the audience, fulfill the event’s purpose and lead to effective action with  participants.  

Magali Minet Event Moderator

Hosting interactive events & authentic conversations. Breaking the 4th wall between panel and audience. Showing up spontaneously, critically and on-topic.

Sharing my personal experience on working through resistance, finding keys to success in your personal mud and using serendipity as a successful business model.

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About Magali

With a Master’s degree in Engineering,  a certification in Systemic Coaching and more than 12 years of stage experience, I combine my passions to bring your impact driven event to life.

In both Dutch and English I prove to be a valuable catalyst of change by translating your impactful intentions into emotional engagement.

My main concern is with your audience when I make sure to

  • Offer people relevant insights and fun
  • Empower people in their ability to act 
  • Send people home with concrete actions

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