Event Moderation

An Invitation To Act

Events are fertile soils in which ideas can sprout. I direct my energy into creating a warm and trustworthy atmosphere where people can be real and learnings can surface to outlive the duration of the event.

I moderate events & topics that are transformational and relevant to the current global societal challenges. In both Dutch and English. 


Empathetically Daring

In order to propel societal transition forward, we are to have open discussions and dare to name the elephant in the room. I create an atmosphere where elephants are welcomed and  transformed  into fruitful discussions.   



A future is not solely build on what we know.  
The more differentiated the opinions on a topic, the better the view we get on potential exciting  ways forward. Expect an atmosphere within which space is created to do just that!



The facts don’t matter if it doesn’t fit the story. I make sure to translate technical lingo into tangible stories the audience can digest, relate to and act upon in their own direct environment. 



Expect personal interaction and real people on stage. Beyond masks of expertise reside passionate personalities. Authenticity appeals and is contagious. I make sure the audience can tap into just that.

Captivating Magic

Magali personifies the versatility of the engineer who is willing to see more and look further. She does this not only in breadth but also in depth. She knows how to flawlessly link a great empathic capacity to a strong verbal and non-verbal persuasiveness. Everything she undertakes or is entrusted to her shines.
Yves persoons
Professor and Communications Officer - KULeuven

Professionally stimulating

Magali has taken our event on the human impact on the nitrogen cycle to a higher level. Thanks to excellent preparation, she was well versed in the subject and was able to steer everything in the right direction professionally. She ensured all speakers were sufficiently represented, all topics were treated from different angles and the audience was interactively involved.
Niels De Brier
Events - VBI KULeuven

Systemic Depth

Rare is the moderator who understands topics thoroughly and who is able to transcend common tunnel visions by connecting dots and by interpreting underlying systems. Magali brings true depth to discussions in such a smooth and natural way. Bravo.
Serge de Gheldere
CEO Futureproofed and Belgian Climate Ambassador

Trust and Grace

Magali’s energy, empathy and contact with the audience professionalized our event. Her ability to connect dots in between sessions and wrap things up to keep the focus provides the group with mental certainty the program is in good hands.
Katrien Rycken
Director Leuven 2030