Magali Minet

Helping you become future proof.

A sustainable reality originates from courageous leaders, flexible processes and healthy environments that allow people to thrive in. You are a key catalyst in creating our future reality. Let’s explore together how you secure your future proof ticket.    

You Care About


for what you do and how your business sustains society today, while helping to shape tomorrow’s reality. 


on how your business will actively contribute to make sustainability the new industry standard.



who actively choose to manifest a shared dream and who help making your business a success. 


that understand courageous authenticity and strong decision making are vital for translating long-term visions into day to day business.

About Me

I’m Magali Minet.
I Help Companies Manifest Sustainable Dreams.

Using my profound experience with deep transformation processes I help you bridge the gap between your sustainable business dream and your current reality by having your inhouse experts outshine themselves.

People are the driving force of change. By tapping into human potential you gain access to an unlimited power to help manifest a sustainable future. On personal and business level alike.


About Magali's Magic

Magali uses her phenomenally strong

intuitive power to dig to the core of your challenge, to offer new perspectives on it and to motivate self-empowered action. Expect  tangible solutions instead of generic theories.  Being a mental coach and process focused changemaker, she has the ability to create a healthy playfield where stakeholders are being listened to and being integrated in the bigger scheme of business. Rare is this sparring partner who effortlessly combines cognitive and emotional intelligence to uplift your impactful business.”

Erwin Bosman

If you find yourself facing an

impossible situation or equation, Magali helps you disentangle the complexity and guides you in navigating your own way out. She listens, observes and critically reflects on what’s present. Confronting at times, yet it proves to be exactly where new insights and perspectives are to be found.

Charlotte De Metsenaere

"Talking to Magali makes me concious of my unconcious. Sometimes silence is the best response to her

questions. In that silence I find time to reflect about meaningful thoughts and insights that otherwise pass unnoticed. Very sharp!"

Yannick De Strycker